Titel Datum Locatie Reacties
They say that time is a healer 31 jul '18 Utrecht, Nederland 2
I still cry sometimes 4 mei '18 Utrecht, Nederland 2
If we had the power to bring our neighbors home from war 25 jan '18 Tiel, Nederland 2
Your faith was strong but you needed proof 29 nov '17 Norwich, Verenigd Koninkrijk 2
Ik zou het zo weer overdoen 20 nov '17 Norwich, Verenigd Koninkrijk 1
Soms wil je alles 9 nov '17 Norwich, Verenigd Koninkrijk 3
I have these thoughts I keep I wanna share with you 22 okt '17 Ely, Verenigd Koninkrijk 1
I'm sharing a memory now, I hope that's how it stays 13 okt '17 Norwich, Verenigd Koninkrijk 2
I've made up my mind, don't need to think it over 27 sep '17 Norwich, Verenigd Koninkrijk 1
We ain't all squeaky clean, we ain't all posh like the queen 20 sep '17 Norwich, Verenigd Koninkrijk 4
I wanna free fall out into nothin' 24 jul '17 Dubrovnik, Kroatië 3
Ik heb gewed op een vet, maar verkeerd paard 16 jun '17 Utrecht, Nederland 2
I know a lot of years have passed us 3 jun '17 Luxemburg, Luxemburg 1
Ik kan de wereld laten zien, dat het zo beter is misschien 18 mei '17 Meppel, Nederland 0
No hay reloj que de vuelta hacia atrás 24 apr '17 Guatemala, Guatemala 2
Create A World With No Fear 15 apr '17 San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala 2
Don't you worry, child. See heaven's got a plan for you. 4 apr '17 San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala 0
En leef je voor geluk of sterf je van verdriet? Voelt dat als een keuze of heb jij die keuze niet? 31 mrt '17 San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala 3
Don't you let nobody tell you different baby 17 mrt '17 San Pablo la Laguna, Guatemala 6
Desorientado confundido no sé que hacer 8 mrt '17 Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala 0
You opened my eyes to your wonders anew 1 mrt '17 San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala 1
Solamente quisiera que el mundo no te mintiera 25 feb '17 Quetzaltenango, Guatemala 2
They say that I’m crazy and I kind of understand 19 feb '17 Zunil, Guatemala 4
Little things mean a lot, appreciate what you got 12 feb '17 Quetzaltenango, Guatemala 0
And I know it's hard, but we gotta do it 7 feb '17 Quetzaltenango, Guatemala 4
I want a ticket to anywhere, maybe we make a deal 3 feb '17 Atlanta, Georgia, Verenigde Staten 3
Something in our minds will always stay 28 dec '16 Utrecht, Nederland 4
I was always on the run, finding out what I was looking for 16 nov '16 Assen, Nederland 2
Now we see everything that’s going wrong with the world and those who lead it 27 okt '16 Utrecht, Nederland 2
Ik ben de schoenmaker bij de verkeerde leest 21 sep '16 Amsterdam, Nederland 1
Different places, different faces still it feels like home 1 aug '16 Athina, Griekenland 2
I can make believe I have everything, but I can't pretend that I don't see 21 jul '16 Athina, Griekenland 1
He said me haffi work work work work work 10 jul '16 Athina, Griekenland 1
Vamos todos a la playa, vamos todos a gozar 27 jun '16 Barcelona, Spanje 1
Two more night, my flight leaves at nine. I'm coming home 12 jun '16 Rotstergaast, Nederland 1
Take what you want cause it doesn't belong to me 2 jun '16 Barcelona, Spanje 1
All my life all the time so far away from home 16 mei '16 Granada, Spanje 1
If the mountain's too high and the valley's too low - I believe we can do all things 3 mei '16 Faro, Portugal 2
Let me guide you to the purple rain 25 apr '16 Barcelona, Spanje 1
It's hard to beat the system, when we're standing at a distance 14 apr '16 Granada, Spanje 2
Don't you worry, child. See heaven's got a plan for you. 5 apr '16 Torremolinos, Spanje 2
Their tears are filling up their glasses, no expression 25 mrt '16 Madrid, Spanje 0
Gisteren uit Lissabon "ik mis je" en een zoen 15 mrt '16 Lissabon, Portugal 2
But live a simple life, with me 7 mrt '16 Barcelona, Spanje 3
Ik ken geen andere landen, zelfs al ben ik er geweest 2 mrt '16 Toledo, Spanje 1
You've told me who I am 23 feb '16 Gibraltar, Gibraltar 2
Enséñame lo que sabes 15 feb '16 Málaga, Spanje 0
Let the rhythm take you over.. Bailamos! 8 feb '16 Cádiz, Spanje 2
Sending out a farewell to my friends, forever peace 2 feb '16 Granada, Spanje 3
Raise a glass of wine, for the last time 30 dec '15 Rotstergaast, Nederland 1
Esa noche contigo la pase bien 18 dec '15 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador 0
There's really nothing left here to stop me 13 dec '15 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador 1
A doggy is nuttin’ if he doesn’t have a bone 8 dec '15 Cuenca, Ecuador 1
I could stay lost in this moment forever 5 dec '15 Huanchaco, Peru 1
Don't want no more wondering about tomorrow 2 dec '15 Huaraz, Peru 0
So much going on, it gets hard to breathe 29 nov '15 Machu Picchu, Peru 3
There's such a difference between us, and a million miles 24 nov '15 Colca Canyon, Peru 0
Money brengt problemen met zich mee 20 nov '15 Puno, Peru 2
I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away 18 nov '15 Rurrenabaque, Bolivia 3
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof 15 nov '15 Rurrenabaque, Bolivia 0
I'm thinking about everything we've become 12 nov '15 Cochabamba, Bolivia 3
When you close your eyes, take a minute, take a moment, realise 2 nov '15 Torotoro, Bolivia 5
And charity is a coat you wear twice a year 28 okt '15 Cochabamba, Bolivia 2
In het leven ben je niet verzekerd van wie het met je meent 17 okt '15 Cochabamba, Bolivia 2
Sabrás que nada hay que ocultar 10 okt '15 Cochabamba, Bolivia 2
Misschien niet de eeuwigheid, maar lang genoeg voor mij 4 okt '15 Villa Tunari, Bolivia 1
I've got to take it on the otherside 23 sep '15 Cochabamba, Bolivia 2
Seré tu abrigo, tu ilusión 16 sep '15 Sucre, Bolivia 1
Yo no sé si soy para ti, si serás para mi 8 sep '15 Cochabamba, Bolivia 0
I think I thought I saw you try 5 sep '15 Cochabamba, Bolivia 1
There's always gonna be another mountain, I'm always gonna wanna make it move 31 aug '15 Arica, Chili 3
Live your life with arms wide open 20 aug '15 Cochabamba, Bolivia 1
Vida, devuélveme mis fantasías, mis ganas de vivir la vida 2 aug '15 Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia 1
This is our call, we rise and we fall 23 jul '15 Cochabamba, Bolivia 3
Relax, take it easy. For there is nothing that we can do 17 jul '15 Provincia de Andrés Ibáñez, Bolivia 5
Maar men weet het niet en zwijgt van wat men hoort en ziet 4 jul '15 Noord, Aruba 2
This is now my home, my home 23 jun '15 Noord, Aruba 2
I don't know much but I know I love you 15 jun '15 Utrecht, Nederland 2
She is so lucky, but why does she cry? 6 jun '15 Bern, Zwitserland 2
If I fail, if I succeed, at least I lived as I believed 21 mei '15 Bern, Zwitserland 2
Pay attention, I got something to say 5 mei '15 Sigriswil, Zwitserland 1
Just step on the gas cause I don’t wanna miss this 23 apr '15 Bern, Zwitserland 1
En ik duw met al m’n kracht tegen de wijzers van de klok 15 apr '15 Basel, Zwitserland 2
En het is zo stil in mij, ik heb nergens woorden voor 1 apr '15 Bern, Zwitserland 6
Now I see myself through different eyes, it's no surprise 22 mrt '15 Interlaken, Zwitserland 4
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you 11 mrt '15 Zurich, Zwitserland 2
Aanst wurdt it dei, de moarn is te nij, om stil te stean 1 mrt '15 Bern, Zwitserland 1
I'm talking loud not saying much 20 feb '15 Bern, Zwitserland 2
I'm doin' just fine, getting along very well 12 feb '15 Bern, Zwitserland 4
For all the men in all your armies, throw only bait that no one bites 8 feb '15 Bern, Zwitserland 4
Ze wil het leven proeven zonder regels of gezag 5 feb '15 Bern, Zwitserland 9
Dreaming of what could be, and if I'd end up happy, I would pray 27 jan '15 Utrecht, Nederland 6
Weet je nog? 13 nov '14 Utrecht, Nederland 1
City of justice, city of peace 25 jun '13 Utrecht, Nederland 3
Give me one good reason I should stay 3 mrt '13 Cairo, Egypte 13
Some people want it all, but I don't 27 feb '13 Cairo, Egypte 4
Nezelt We qolt ana mesh rage3 24 feb '13 Cairo, Egypte 2
Ik ga wel weg, maar verlaat je niet 23 feb '13 Boekarest, Roemenië 2
Never forget where you're coming from 21 feb '13 Düsseldorf Airport, Duitsland 5
Welkom op mijn reisblog! 20 feb '13 Rotstergaast, Nederland 3
I had to learn what I got and what I'm not 19 feb '13 Abu Dhabi, Verenigde Arabische Emiraten 0
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger 12 feb '13 Nha Trang, Vietnam 0
Let's raise a glass 10 feb '13 Phnom Penh, Cambodja 0
I'm so grateful for the way you've changed my life 8 feb '13 Phnom Penh, Cambodja 0
Ik ben multicultureel, net als m'n eetgedrag 7 feb '13 Phnom Penh, Cambodja 0
En de dagen gienen foarby en ik libbe mei de dei 3 feb '13 Kratie, Cambodja 0
Destination anywhere, east or west I don't care 2 feb '13 Champasak, Laos 0
Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it 26 jan '13 Pattaya, Thailand 0
Ik weet ook ik kan soms iets doen 23 jan '13 Pattaya, Thailand 0
Tamally maak 17 jan '13 Pattaya, Thailand 0
HE gives me directions when I can't decide 9 jan '13 Pattaya, Thailand 0
Find light in the beautiful sea 4 jan '13 Pattaya, Thailand 0
Oh no not I, I will survive! 28 dec '12 Pattaya, Thailand 0
Things will never be the same 24 dec '12 Pattaya, Thailand 0
Vandaag zwem je in 't geld, morgen verdrink je erin 16 dec '12 Pattaya, Thailand 0
I have to learn, have to try 12 dec '12 Pattaya, Thailand 0
I took a chance and changed the way of life 5 dec '12 Pattaya, Thailand 0
Let's don't wait 'til the water runs dry 26 nov '12 Pattaya, Thailand 0
Life goes on and it's only gonna make me strong 22 nov '12 Pattaya, Thailand 0
I don't like reality. It's way too clear for me. 15 nov '12 Rotstergaast, Nederland 0
If you're lost you can look and you can find me 31 okt '12 Rotstergaast, Nederland 0
Listen to your heart there's nothing else you can do 15 okt '12 Rotstergaast, Nederland 0